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Company Overview

Eco Work Corporation is a civil engineering and construction company whose goal is to develop communities and contribute to a comfortable living environment.

Since it was established in 1965, Eco Work has contributed to society as an expert in construction technology, always working effectively and efficiently to meet client needs. Evolving throughout our history of over 50 years, Eco Work has consistently made the best use of the latest skills and technology available, and at the same time facilitated a corporate culture that encourages employees to utilize and take pride in their abilities.

What We Do

Our Slogan: Creating an Environment through Harmony with the Environment

Eco Work expanded operations from road construction to include general civil engineering under the slogan “Creating an environment through harmony with the environment.” Our priority is always the locality where we are at work, and for that reason our operations include recycling construction waste, research and development of environmentally friendly products, soil testing, pavement structure design, road condition surveys and more. Eco Work is striving to forge new paths in civil engineering and construction, with “ecology” as a key concept.


Through early implementation of advanced road surface technologies and machinery, we have established a work system that allows us to rapidly respond to our customers’ needs. Moreover, direct, flexible management of our business resources—including employees, facilities, and heavy machinery—means we can quickly and accurately undertake any construction work that comes our way. Our strengths lie in road surface construction, and we have a successful track record in airport runways, highways, and other roads that require high construction accuracy. More recently, we have expanded our scope of business to cover not only road construction work, but general civil engineering projects, and through these we have been involved in bridge construction, afforestation work, revetment work, and various other endeavors.

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Address: 1703 Nakamizo-cho, Shimada, Shizuoka, Japan


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FAX: +81-547-37-4682


Address: 1703 Nakamizo-cho, Shimada, Shizuoka, Japan

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